Hydropodics ~ Hydroponic Avantgardening at the pods

This time lapse was made over a period of 3 weeks – after which we were ready to harvest...

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Why We Have Gone To Hydroponics

  • Superior Taste - never bitter
  • Uses 90% less water - water recirculates
    (when we used dirt, watering the main 6 beds twice a week for 4-12 minutes per bed used nearly 2000 gallons of water a week; now those same 6 beds use about 150 gallons a week and yield healthier, faster growing and greater quantity of plants)
  • 30% faster growth rate
  • Better nutritional value - veggies are super mineral rich
  • Easy to cultivate from our own seeds
  • It is hard to regulate pH and nutrient quality in dirt. In water it is easy to regulate pH and nutrition
  • Hearing the sound of water feels like living in an oasis
  • FUN - future-thinking - avant-gardening
(techno talk)

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Huge thanks to Fotos By Fritz for many of the amazing photos on our site